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Cross Stitch PDF Patterns

What are PDF cross stitch charts?

They are cross stitch embroidery patterns in digital format that you can buy and download immediately through a link that we send to your email.

What do I do with the PDF cross stitch patterns?

Once you have your order, you can work with the embroidery pattern in the way that suits you best: you can print it on paper (even enlarged, as our patterns have excellent image definition), you can embroider by looking at the chart on your tablet or computer screen and you can even use a special program for cross stitch patterns called Pattern Keeper. 

What do Una Buena Pieza Cross Stitch PDF patterns include?

Our PDF cross stitch patterns include the following:

  • A rendering of the finished design for reference.
  • A basic directions and color legend in Mouliné DMC threads.
  • A chart with symbols and colors (very easy to follow!)
  • A monochromatic chart (great for printing & saving ink at the same time)

Also, with your PDF cross stitch chart we include:

  • A version for use with the Pattern Keeper app.
  • If the pattern is divided into more than one page, a single-page version great for use with your tablet
  • A mini-guide with basic cross stitch embroidery instructions

If you have any doubts or questions about our PDF cross stitch patterns, check out our FAQ section or contact us, we'll be happy to help!

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  • ¡Well-written and easy to follow! We will come back for more!

    Etsy shop client

  • Gorgeous and easy to follow pattern. I can't wait to cross stitch it!

    Etsy shop client

  • I cannot wait to start this pattern!! Easy to follow pattern and many downloading options available. Highly recommend!!

    Etsy Shop client